Friday, July 13, 2012

Urban Exploring

Even though I had visited Chicago several times and I now live here, I still haven't gotten a chance to do too many touristy things. Still haven't been to a Cubs game, the top of the Sears tower, or tried a "Chicago dog"(no ketchup?). So after visiting the AIC yesterday, I did some urban exploring. I had lunch in the sculpture garden just next door to the AIC. (I packed my own sandwich and snuck into the museum by wrapping it in a scarf. The AIC doesn't allow food in, which Andrew and I discovered when we tried to walk in with a huge back of Garret's cheese & caramel popcorn. Fail.)

Then I wandered through iconic Millennium Park. I love that kids can cool themselves off in the giant fountains.

I took a touristy picture at "The Cloud Gate" which is more commonly referred to as "The Bean."

Then met up with Andrew for coffee at Intelligentsia which is totally a Chicago thing.

Best lattes ever! Can't wait to keep urban exploring.

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