Thursday, July 19, 2012


So I've always thought Whole Foods was a little overpriced and ridiculous, but I am now officially a Whole Foods convert. Not only does the Whole Foods in our neighborhood have a bar where you can order wine or beer and actually take it with you while you shop (genius), but on Tuesday night they hosted an on-the-roof screening of Wes Anderson's Rushmore complete with free samples of beer and Cliff Bars.

 Bar in grocery store awesomeness.

Giant inflatable screen

View of the city from the Whole Foods roof.

Rushmore is one of the only Wes Anderson movies I hadn't seen, and of course, I loved it. I definitely know a few "Max Fisher" types. If you haven't seen it, here's the hilarious opening scene and montage via You Tube, to get you hooked.

Also, on a slightly embarrassing note, Whole Foods called the event a "bike-in" movie, so even though we were set to drive over, at the last second we changed our minds and decided to bike lest we be ostracized for burning fuel to get there. Of course, once we got there, it became very clear that no one could tell who drove or who biked. Oh well.

Thank you, Whole Foods. Before you know it, I'll be eating kale chips and quinoa.

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