Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Coolest Balloons

Just discovered inflated/deflated on Pinterest, and I am mesmerized by these simple yet mysterious little balloons. One of my biggest "artistic" interests is the aesthetics of handwriting. I love the look of sprawling cursive or quick slanted lines. Handwriting is manmade yet natural, utilitarian yet intimate. It's especially intimate on inflated/deflated, where each balloon's message feels like a private thought or secret. From the inflated/deflated website:

The words written on our balloons range from humorous quotes to heartfelt feelings and memories. These words are marked on the surface of inflated balloons, and like that of one’s thoughts being released, so too is the air of the balloon. Deflated the once largely marked letters become small, expressive, and intricate forms.

Inflated/deflated is a collaboration of Chicago artists Jillian, Lauren and Kady, whose individual websites are available on the inflated/deflated website.

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