Thursday, July 19, 2012

Good Advice

I was talking to downstairs neighbor Monday night, and she gave me some insightful advice. I was explaining how disheartening it is to explain to practically everyone I meet that I am unemployed and still looking for a job. She said she read once in one of those hokey inspirational books, "When someone asks you what you do, tell them what you really do." So instead of saying "I'm looking for a job," or "I'm a part-time server" or whatever it is,  you could say, "I'm taking ballroom dancing lessons!" "I draw the most intricate doodles." "I do the Monday and Tuesday crossword puzzle in the Times. Sometimes the Wednesday." "I visit art galleries in my spare time."

Isn't that pretty neat? It shifts the attention away from the job or career that is supposed to define you, but maybe doesn't. It is 2012, after all, and finding that "dream job" right away is increasingly difficult. It's nice to affirm our value and uniqueness outside of just a 9to5.

(photo from etsy. "Morning of a Retired Fireman.)


  1. This is great advice! I just moved to Chicago and I am looking for a job. I've always had a job so it's hard for me to say I don't have one now. Thanks for the tip:)

    1. I know, it's so hard! A woman actually had the nerve to ask, "so what do you do all day?" I was so shocked by the rudeness, but I wish I would have had this witty response ready. Best of luck! :)

    2. That is rude! I can't wait till someone asks me that:) I'll be ready!