Monday, February 4, 2013

Coffee Table Books

Don't you love big, glossy coffee table books? This Steve McQueen book was a big hit at our last party. Both the girls and the guys were swooning over Steve McQueen. I mean how can you not?

On my birthday, we picked up Alice's Adventures in Wonderland with artwork by Yayoi Kusama on sale at Anthropologie.  Kusama's trippy dot illustrations pair perfectly with Lewis Carroll's (equally trippy) classic story. The dots and the typology are mesmerizing.

Finally, I have the biggest book on Dali, that used to be my grandmother's. It must way close to 10 pounds.

What's on your coffee table these days?

Congratulations to my best friend Andrea...

Who had her first photograph in the New York Times this Sunday!

She is such a boss. Check out more of her work here.