Thursday, January 24, 2013

Law and Order Marathon

Andrew was gone this weekend, so I ate a tuna sandwich for dinner two nights out of three, and watched at least six episodes of Law and Order on Netflix. I love Law and Order. The Original. Part of the thrill is that I have seen almost every episode at least once, so I always try to remember who did it before the police can figure it out. When my father and I watch, we race to see who will remember the killer first. Bonus points if you remember before the opening theme song. Dun, dun!

I also love watching Law and Order because the show is as old as I am, and I can see the evidence of how much has changed in my lifetime. There are pay phones, beepers, file cabinets, shoulder pads, scrunchies, and computers the size of a house.

Detective Lenny Brisco using a pay phone

Assistant District Attorneys Jack McCoy and Claire Kincaid, with Claire rocking a giant scrunchy and defined shoulders.

I actually really love Sam Waterston's (Jack) and Jill Hennessy's (Claire) style on the show. Sam frequently wears a Barbour jacket, and I really love Jill's full eyebrows and simple, feminine makeup.

Also, this drawing from this hilarious blog because it's so true:

Ha :)

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