Thursday, September 6, 2012

Apartment Tour: Living Room

Not to brag too much, but we probably have one of the nicest apartments two young twenty-somethings could have in the entire city, if not the US. It was built in the late 19th century, and our own-bedroom unit features gorgeous bay windows, high ceilings, a cozy fire place, stained glass windows, and a tiny balcony. We're so thrilled to get to call it home! Here is a little tour of our living room. Above is the view of the layout from the dining room.

Andrew and I both love large, framed wall hangings. We still have a pile of prints and paintings that we are trying to make room for! Above the mantle is a Hundertwasser from Andrew's grandparents' collection, a print of a Japanese painting I bought at the AIC gift store, and a nautical painting from Andrew's grandmother's house. Our collection of artwork is eclectic but classic, which is an aesthetic we love.

Keeping with the nautical theme, we have a burgee from the Beach Club Andrew sailed at as a kid and a ship's hull model. I am really fond of the burgee. The pillow Andrew actually made with two RRL handkerchiefs.

Coffee Table. Coasters are from Anthropologie.

 This isn't the best picture, but we have a beautiful desk, found at an estate sale, that gets lots of natural light from the windows.

I posted this before, but here again is our dresser bar complete with collegiate flag, duck decoys and a photo of Andrew's great grandfather who, trust me, looks super WASPy.

Some of my favorite details:

There's still so much art we need to hang up and some furniture upgrades that would be lovely, but I love this room so much.

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