Thursday, August 2, 2012

Out of Print

Last year for Christmas, I was thinking of getting my friend Greg this awesome T-shirt made by the company Out of Print, a company that designs T-shirts featuring classic book designs:

I loved the shirt, but then I remembered Greg doesn't wear T-shirts so that was out. (He also didn't even finish reading the Great Gatsby until this year when I threatened him. Just saying.)

After I nixed it as a Christmas gift idea, I forgot about this cool company. Then yesterday I saw Out of Print advertised as I was flipping through the Southwest Airline magazine (only after I read Sky Mall. Duh). It turns out, they are going to be bringing their vintage book cover designs to iPad and kindle cases soon thanks to kickstarter. Not only do they look great, but they are designed to feel like a real book, making reading from a digital screen slightly more authentic and cozy. I definitely want one when they come out.

Some other rad shirt designs, in case you need gift ideas for your friends who wear T-shirts:

P.S. Greg, I guess you will get another book or CD this year :)